The Center in Transition

The Robert E. Brown Center for World Music (CWM) is an important component of the School of Music at the University of Illinois.  Since its establishment here in 2007, it has greatly increased awareness of international music and dance on campus and in our community, most significantly through university performance classes taught by musicians from Africa, Indonesia, India, and China; educational outreach residencies for one or more semesters at local elementary and middle schools; and public concerts featuring resident, guest, and local artists.  Unfortunately, economic considerations have forced us to scale back our programs, and the Center now faces a transitional period.  School of Music director Jeffrey Magee is working on securing new funding, as well as a new location for CWM on campus.  Gamelan classes will continue to be offered through the School of Music.  The CWM website will remain active as a source of information for local and regional performances of international music and events.  Please visit for updates on the Center.