Mean Lids - CD Release Show

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September 12, 2011 (All day)
Iron Post
120 S. Race, Urbana, Il.

Kalyx: CD Release Show!

Mean Lids will be releasing their second disc, Kalyx, this Sunday! For the second half of the show they will play the music from the CD live, in order (it'll be a live version of the CD), which you do not want to miss. We'll also be giving away free stickers, which look awesome.

The new CD costs $15, or buy the new CD with any of our other CDs (self-titled Mean Lids, Matt & Tom's disc, Tree Thump, etc.) for $20! And final special: buy 2 of the new discs for $25.

The Mean Lids

Only as mean as they need to be to keep the grit in their tones and the edge on their tunes, they are never seen without their signature cranial apparel. Spot them by their hats, their long lonesome sounds, and the @$$ kicking baritone grooves emanating from their mean, mean fiddle fingers.

Miriam Larson is fresh from the flute filled fields of Minnesota, bringing smooth, sweet sounds and pulsing jaw-harp beats to the mix. An artist, a burgeoning librarian, a union president, Miriam's signature haunting waltzes and twisted tunes fill every Lids show. She is also a graduate student at the University of Illinois and a founding member of the Rational Dance Society.

Ben Smith has been playing dances and dancing dances since he was just a wee laddie. Ben has played his characteristic black fiddle with many bands, across many genres, including bluegrass, swing, old-time, Irish, jug-band, Cajun, country, western, rock, and classical. He is also a father, computer programmer, and kite flyer.

Matt Turino has been playing music since he was born. He started dancing a month before that. He has performed so many shows with so many groups that MySpace refused to post them here due to bandwidth concerns. In addition to driving the heart of the Lids he also owns a house, works hard, and eats his vegetables.

$3 or free with the purchase of a CD at the door!
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