Spurlock Museum WorldFest 2021

Our friends at Spurlock Museum are presenting their 15th annual WorldFest -- a celebration of the variety of performance arts practiced around the world -- with three online video performance premieres.

Wednesday, June 16 | Bourema “Ibrahim” Ouedraogo and Jason Finkelman
Wednesday, June 23 | Qwanqwa
Wednesday, June 30 | Cody Jensen

Descriptions & Links

The June 16 video features local performers Bourema “Ibrahim” Ouedraogo and Jason Finkelman. Ibrahim currently works at Urbana Public Television and comes from a family of musicians in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The pieces performed in the video are original songs composed by Ibrahim. Jason is the Director of Global Arts Performance Initiatives at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and has worked with the Spurlock Museum for many years to engage the musicians, dancers, and storytellers who have been welcomed to the WorldFest stage. In addition to accompanying Ibrahim, Jason explains and demonstrates the many instruments he plays with the songs. https://www.spurlock.illinois.edu/events/event.php?ID=2016

The June 23 video features the group Qwanqwa, in which the members perform songs and dances from Ethiopia. The style of singing in this video is Azmari. Azmaris are an ethnic subgroup of the northern Ethiopian Amhara people, known to be the keepers of musical traditions, similar to Griots or Troubadours. The word Qwanqwa means "language" in Amharic, and by choosing this name the group is bringing to life the concept of music as a universal language. https://www.spurlock.illinois.edu/events/event.php?ID=2017

The June 30 video highlights music from around the world performed by Cody Jensen. Cody is a musician based in Urbana, Illinois. He has found a niche in the Midwest as a touring artist and dance accompanist. In this video, he puts his own spin on traditional and early 20th century tunes on instruments from around the world. Instruments featured in this video include the banjo, balafon, xylophone, rhythm bones, hanging jug, steel pan, and harpejji. https://www.spurlock.illinois.edu/events/event.php?ID=2018