Nick Rudd Music Experience

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May 15, 2021 - 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Online Video Premiere

The Robert E. Brown Center for World Music launches the Nick Rudd Music Experience with a premiere video performance featuring Urbana-Champaign musicians Brian Reedy, Tim McKeage, elizaBeth Simpson, and Jason Finkelman. The collaborative performances in this event reflect the affinity each of these musicians shared with guitarist, composer, writer Nick Rudd.

Drummer Brian Reedy and Rudd performed as the avant, experimental rock duo Water Between Continents. Percussionist Jason Finkelman and vocalist elizaBeth Simpson, along with Rudd (and Brandon Beachum (baritone guitar) performed improvised music as IO Mining Corp. Guitarist Tim McKeage collaborated with Reedy, Finkelman, and Rudd in a Sudden Sound Ensemble performance.

This premiere video performance will feature two duets and a quartet improvisation, interspersed with recently unearthed video footage of Water Between Continents performing in 2003, recorded by Michael Mapes.

This program was made possible by the Nick Rudd Music Fund. Initiated by Rudd’s surviving wife Gina Manola and stepson Townes Durbin with a goal of the fund reaching endowment levels to ensure this series becomes established as an ongoing and permanent part of the music culture of our campus and community.

More information on this event will be added soon.

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