Adelei: Georgian Ensemble featured in WorldFest 2019 Program

The center is proud to welcome Ensemble Adilei, a vocal group hailing from the republic of Georgia, to the UIUC campus as part of the Spurlock Museum’s celebration of its 14th annual WorldFest event. Ensemble Adilei will perform this Sunday, April 7th, from 4-5pm in the Spurlock Museum’s Knight Auditorium.

Formed in 2012, the ensemble performs traditional Georgian polyphonic songs and chants, with a focus on songs from the province of Guria in Western Georgia. Gurian music is sometimes compared to jazz, because of its emphasis on improvisation and non-parallel movement in all the voice parts, and is also characterized by k'rimanch'uli, a yodeling technique often present in the upper voice.

The ensemble has toured in a number of European countries, and participated in several notable folk music festivals, including the International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony in Tbilisi, the Mare e Miniere festival in Sardinia, and the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival in New York. During their first US tour, the group conducted workshops, lectures, seminars, and concerts at Dartmouth,Yale, Columbia, New England Conservatory, and other universities on the East Coast, as well as a number of more informal and intimate venues. This is Adilei’s second US tour, and they are delighted to share their music with you!

Ensemble Adilei's performance is co-sponsored by the Center for Global Studies through support from the US Department of Education’s Title VI NRC Program.

About Georgian Polyphony:

Most frequently, Georgian songs consist of three voice parts, (although 2 and 4-part songs are also somewhat common), all of which can have many patterns of movement, depending on the region (every Georgian province has its own signature style).
In addition to the intricate multi-part structure, traditional Georgian music uses a kind of “untempered” tuning that differs from the Western Classical system.

WorldFest 2019:

Join the Spurlock Museum in the celebration of its 14th annual WorldFest event. Enjoy performances from around the world in one afternoon... plus crafts for all ages! The afternoon features a variety of international music and storytelling. This family-friendly event is free and sponsored in part by the Illinois Arts Council.

In addition to Ensemble Adilei, featured performers include Murilo Mendes, a performer of the pífano, a Brazilian flute, and an expert in forró, a Brazilian genre from its northeastern region; Minu Pasupathi, leading an ensemble performing classical and light classical South Indian Carnatic Music; and Mike Speller, a teller of stories from around the world.

Full Schedule:

Music of India
Time: 12:30 pm–1:10 pm and 2:30 pm–3:10 pm
Location: Knight Auditorium

Music of the Eurasian Country of Georgia
Time: 4:00 pm–5:00 pm
Location: Knight Auditorium

Music of Brazil
Time: 1:30 pm–1:55 pm and 3:00 pm–3:25 pm
Location: Ancient Mediterranean Gallery

Stories from around the World
Time: 1:10 pm–1:25 pm, 2:00 pm–2:25 pm, and 3:30 pm–3:55 pm
Location: African Gallery

Crafts for All Ages
Time: 12:30 pm–4:00 pm
Location: American Indian Gallery