The Center’s Balinese Gamelan musicians performed at a Showcase Concert in PASIC 2009, the Percussive Arts Society’s International Conference, on November 12.   Showcase Concerts are very prestigious events, and it is a tribute to the gamelan's director, I Ketut Gede Asnawa, that our group was selected to perform in one.
In order to give a taste of the variety of Balinese music, three sets of gamelan instruments—the Gamelan Semara Dana, Gamelan Angklung, and Gamelan Beleganjur, each with a distinctive tuning and instrumentation—were transported from the Center to Indianapolis for the Showcase Concert. The concert included music for all three gamelan, including new and old pieces in traditional idioms, as well as a new work in a cross-cultural idiom by Ming-ching Chiu, a doctoral student in composition at the University.
The performers were (and still are) members of a sekaa or musicians’ club sponsored by the CWM. The group has been given the formal name Eka Sruti Illini, “the United Sound of Illinois,” by its director, I Ketut Gede Asnawa. It is made up of students and faculty of the University, as well as guest dancers and musicians from Professor Asnawa’s own immensely talented family. For the whole Fall semester up to the PASIC concert, Eka Sruti Illini followed a rigorous schedule of two-hour rehearsals every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.