Sufi Music Concert with Ahl-e Qulub

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March 10, 2017 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
University YMCA
1001 S Wright St., Champaign, IL

Sufi Music Concert with Ahl-e Qulub

Ahl-e Qulub, meaning People of the Heart, is a Sufi music ensemble. In the last year they have traveled across the Midwest offering free events where they perform Sufi Music, teach meditation, and advocate spiritual pluralism and tolerance. All members are initiates of the Qadriya Sufi Order and students of Sufi teacher Dr. Ghulam Jilani, who was given the khilafat (spiritual succession) by his master, Hazrat Chaman Qadri RA. This gentle, venerable saint of India upheld and advocated the values of tolerance and spiritual pluralism for over 50 years, and spent his life in spiritual service to humanity. People of all faiths and creeds found spiritual peace under his guidance, regardless of their beliefs or particularities, and he was essential in maintaining harmonious relations among the diversity of faiths in his town of Bundi. He lovingly guided students from nearly every religion, unconditionally serving whoever came to him. It is in this line of the unconditional service of their Sufi Grandmaster that Ahl-e Qulub performs, dedicated to continuing this legacy of spiritual pluralism and tolerance.

For thousands of years, Sufis have practiced and refined techniques for cultivating, imbibing, and maintaining the inherent spirituality within the human heart, striving to cultivate intense unconditional love as a catalyst for positive internal transformation. This ancient wisdom and spirituality, universal and all-encompassing, has been passed down from master to disciple to be shared with all people with the sole purpose of increasing love and longing for the Divine, and to encourage people to pursue spirituality in whatever way they see as best for themselves.

Using only their voices and percussion, Ahl-e Qulub's music is a devotional, gentle, and meditative experience. Selections may include original Sufi litanies, as well as litanies inspired by the Hindu, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Jain, and Buddhist traditions. While maintaining respect and reverence, the songs have been adapted to suit the western sensibilities of the listeners and musicians.

Sufis teach that a common spiritual thread runs through the world's sacred traditions. Ahl-e Qulub does not represent a particular religion or faith, but instead simply uses the music and meditation to inspire and incite the intense spiritual love residing within the human heart. The music and practices are universally applicable, and can be complementary to both those of faith and those who do not adhere to a particular set of beliefs.

At this event, audience members will learn a simple meditation, practicable by anyone. Meditation has nearly innumerable benefits, but its purpose in this context is to soften the heart and make it more receptive to the spirit of the music. Along with the main concert, this event will also feature a short session of zikr--a core Sufi practice which involves chanting Divine Names in rhythm with drums.

Performing under the principle of baymaksad (unconditional) service, the Ahl-e Qulub neither asks for compensation nor accepts donations.

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