The Pradhanica: Dance and World Drum Ensemble Concert

Event Information
Event Date: 
February 2, 2016 - 7:30pm
Smith Recital Hall
805 South Mathews Avenue Urbana, IL 6180

Join us for an evening of music and dance with the Pradhanica. Pradhanica is an enthralling dance and world drum ensemble. The group was created by the renowned Indian rhythm composer Pandit Divyang Vakil; his compositions are choreographed by Jin Won. The graceful and powerful Indian dance form of Kathak comes together with high-energy drumming on the cajon, djembe, and tabla, with melodic support on sitar or saarangi. A multi-ethnic ensemble brought together by the pervasive power of rhythm.

Pradhanica's performance is divided into two segments - pure dance and abhinaya or expressive dance. The abhinaya section draws on the storytelling origins of kathak and explores several of the nine emotions (Navrasa) through rhythm, melody, and dance.

“The treasure was “Pradhanica.” Percussion drove this work, which illuminated various Indian rhythms in enticingly offbeat ways…Ms. Won’s musicality transformed her dancing into something primal. The tension between wildness and control was a hallmark of Pradhanica.“ – New York Times

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