Activities of the Center

Engaging visiting artists and local artist-associates to teach and perform.
Offering instruction in world music and dance traditions to University students, faculty, and staff and to the general community.
Maintaining on-going performance ensembles.
Arranging concerts and other performance opportunities for its visiting artists, artist-associates, and student ensembles.
Offering lectures and workshops to introduce world performing arts to non-specialist audiences.
Outreach, in the form of either demonstrations or sustained instruction, to elementary and secondary schools.
Maintaining a website calendar to publicize world music and dance performances in Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding region.
Disseminating, through the website, information about research projects at the University of Illinois relating to world performing arts.
In the works: organizing study-abroad opportunities for the study of performing arts traditions in situ. These will, at least at the start, be geared to the traditions taught here at the Center.