Spurlock Museum WorldFest 2015

The Spurlock Museum is hosting WorldFest 2015 on Saturday, April 4th from 12:30-4pm. At WorldFest you can enjoy many performances from around the world in one afternoon… plus crafts for all ages! This year's event, sponsored in part by the Illinois Arts Council, features performances of Brazilian guitar music by Renato Anesi, Middle Eastern Fusion music by the Wanees Zarour Ensemble, Indonesian dance by the Saman Dance Group, and storytelling by Kim Sheahan. Please view the schedule information below. Spurlock Museum is located at 600 S. Gregory in Urbana. Formore information please visit: http://www.spurlock.illinois.edu/ ----- Knight Auditorium • 1:00-1:45 and 2:00-2:45 PM Wanees Zarour Ensemble Wanees Zarour, a composer, buzuq player, violinist and educator, started his musical training in both Middle Eastern and western traditions at the age of 7. Demonstrating extraordinary skill on his instruments at an early age, Zarour has been featured in major musical festivals and concerts around the world. Specialized in Maqam music and well versed in musical traditions ranging from free jazz to Eastern European folk, Wanees’s compositions and works employ traditional instrumentation and unique arrangements, with an emphasis on the classical Maqam system unique to the Middle East. Based in Chicago, Wanees Zarour is currently the director of the Middle East Music Ensemble at the University of Chicago, a 50 piece orchestra dedicated to the performance and study of a wide range of Middle Eastern music traditions, including Arab, Turkish and Persian. Wanees Zarour leads, composes and performs with several ensembles including Duzan Ensemble, the Wanees Zarour Ensemble, and others. Zarour released his newest album Quarter to Midnight in fall, 2014. Ensemble members: Wanees Zarour: oud/buzuq, Nick Macri: bass, Tareq Rantisi: percussion, Elizabeth Diaz: flute, Bryan Pardo: clarinet, Hannah Vis: cello, Alex Wing: guitar ----- Ancient Mediterranean Gallery • 1:45-2:10, 2:30-2:55, and 3:00-3:25 PM Renato Anesi Renato Anesi, hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is an instrumentalist, composer, and arranger currently living and working in Chicago, IL. His repertoire includes mastery of over 10 string instruments including the mandolin, tenor and electric guitar, cavaco, and viola. Anesi belongs to the young rock and jazz generation of contemporary Brazil, however, his musical roots integrate the tradition of many different styles of Brazilian instrumental music - choro, waltz, baião, frevo, maracatu, etc. With a lifetime of musical experiences, which have taken him all over the world to collaborate with many artists and integrate many genres, he has built a unique style featuring a music universe committed only to creativity. ----- Ancient Egypt Exhibit • 12:30-12:55, 1:45-2:10, 2:45-3:10, and 3:30-3:55 PM Kim Sheahan Kim is the Assistant Director of Education and Resident Storyteller at the Spurlock Museum, using multicultural stories in many of her programs. In addition, Kim does freelance storytelling and has performed folktales and one-woman shows at storytelling festivals, school assemblies, city-wide celebrations, personal parties, and gatherings of all kinds all over Illinois. ----- Knight Auditorium • 3:30-3:45 and 3:45-4:00 PM Saman Dance Group This group performs the lively Saman Dance, which is one of the many Indonesian traditional dances. Originating in Aceh province, Sumatra, the dance is usually performed to celebrate important occasions. It is famous of its fast-paced rhythm and the dancers’ harmony. Group members: Cindy Budiman, Cynthia Suminto, Estherlita A. Saerang, Fayrani Armand, Frederick Luhur, Hanna Wong, Jelita Pertiwi, Paulina Ongkowijoyo, Ricky Adiwinata, Yonitika Asnawa, Yunirika Asnawa, Ferrona Lie. ----- Crafts In addition to the performances, crafts for all ages will be available in the American Indian Gallery from 12:30-3:45 PM.